NYSNA Legislative Action Conference

NYSNA’s virtual 2023 Legislative Action Conference (LAC) presents a unique opportunity for NYSNA members to interact with Legislators safely from their homes and without all the hassles of traveling. We will kick off this year’s Legislative Action Conference on Tuesday, January 24th with General Session from 9:00-11:00am. Lobby Week will be held January 24-27, 2023.

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2023 Position Paper

Frequently Asked Questions

Why attend LAC?

LAC allows attendees to experience firsthand the discussion about NYSNA current legislative agenda and regulatory challenges facing school nutrition. This gives you the opportunity to advocate directly with YOUR legislators who make changes that affect your everyday lives.

What is the Cost of LAC 2023?

$29 - NYSNA Members
$69 - Non-Members

What dates will LAC 2023 be held?

LAC 2023 will be held on January 24th to kick off lobby week on January 24-27. Meetings with Legislators will be scheduled all week.

Will handouts be available for attendees to print prior to the conference?

Yes, key handouts will be available to print a few days prior to the conference.

How do I Schedule a Meeting?

NYSNA HQ will be scheduling meetings all week for attendees that request so.

How do I prepare for the Meeting?

Your appointment will take place via Zoom. Please ensure that your technology is compatible before your scheduled meeting. It is also highly recommended to attend the conference on January 24th at 9:00am via Zoom to obtain updates and to learn more about building relationships with legislators to prepare you for your meeting.

How do I Conduct a Virtual Legislative Meeting?

There are several ways to prepare for a legislative meeting, but this year, you have the comfort and confidence of preparing for it in your own home or office! Please be sure to have all related materials ready and in front of you for reference during the meeting. Also, it is critically important to be ready and to be concise! You should coordinate with your group before the meeting to identify which person will begin the discussion and those who wish to share relatable or anecdotal content, data, and compelling information. If there is someone in your group that has previously established a relationship with the Legislator, it may be better to let them take the lead or start things off.

What is our Ask this year?
  1. Expand the 30% incentive program to include breakfast.
  2. Support Healthy School Meals for All
Now is the time to use your voice and experience to speak on programs that are essential to school food service by meeting with your New York State legislators.