Are you interested in professional development for yourself or your colleagues? We'd love to have you apart of the New York School Nutrition Association.  

Membership Benefits:

  • Certification, Credentialing, and Continuing Education Credits

  • Professional Development

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Scholarships

  • Program Recognition

  • Conferences

  • Workshops

  • Public Relations & Marketing

  • Quarterly Publication - "FRESH Bites: a NYSNA Publication"

  • Industry Partnerships

  • Legislative Representation

  • Food, Supply and Equipment Shows

  • Discounts on Car Rentals for Enterprise Car Rentals


Membership Information

NYSNA Food Service Membership Application

NY ONLY Membership Types 


Renewal/Annual Fees:

Level A - Director

District Director or Manager for District School Food Service – one or more schools


Level A1- Supervisor

Assistant Director or Area Supervisor; Registered Dietician working for one or more District


Level B - Related Fields

Related Fields Member: Education, Government, Nutrition, State Education, etc.


Level C- Manager

Supervisor or Manager reporting to the District Director or Manager


Level D - Employee 

Food Service Staff Classifications: All Other classifications except management


Level G- Retired

Retired: All retired school food service personnel



Student; Intern



National School Nutrition Associaltion (SNA) Membership

Click Here for SNA Membership Application

School District Owned Membership: A membership that is owned by a school district (or state agency) in the name of an individual. This membership can be transferred to another employee in the same membership category if the original member/person leaves the district. SDM allows you to group all of your memberships together so that you can receive one invoice for all of your renewals once or twice a year (or as requested).The SDM is managed by a designated administrator within the school district (or state agency). SDM members still receive all the same benefits of individual membership. For more information, please visit: For a full guide about SDM, please visit: