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Message From President Anita Trautwein

As I start my journey as President of the New York School Nutrition Association I am every mindful that my first task is to "Promote Excellence in Child Nutrition". I will be engaging communication with all the areas of the state to hear what our members are asking for, and listening to their new ideas. We want to uphold the traditions of our association, while at the same time move forward with technology.

Our website has been updated and we have added the monthly e-newsletter as an additional resource for our members. Membership is key! We need to maintain our current members, gain new members, and showcase the value of our association. Our opportunities for professional development and knowledge are extremely beneficial! I want to thank each and every one of our members and the executive board for giving me the opportunity to be President of your association.

Anita Trautwein

New York School Nutrition Association President 2014-2015

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